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Programs for Project Managers

There is a growth in careers in Project Management in the Lehigh Valley and around Allentown. The Center for Leadership and Workforce Development offers comprehensive programs in the field. Whether you are new to the field and just want an overview or you need a comprehensive programs in the methodology, we can help.

Foundations of Project Management
1-3 days

The purpose of this course is to help participants improve project management skills.  Emphasis will be placed on how to organize a project, track performance throughout project execution and make adjustments to keep the project in line with the stated project goals. Project lifecycles including initiation, planning, execution and control, and close-out will be discussed.

Project managers will learn project management concepts and techniques and will apply those techniques in class exercises using suggested methodologies and templates, allowing them to assimilate the concepts and processes into their jobs as they effectively support mission requirements.

  • Describe techniques for project control and performance monitoring needed in order for project requirements and deliverables to be achieved
  • Discuss positive and/or corrective actions needed in response to project performance techniques
  • Define project closure activities that formally terminate the project and transition tasks to designated organization
  • Discuss project team leadership in the execution of the project plan

Course hours count toward PMI certification and continuing education requirements.



Microsoft Project 2010 Essentials
3 hours

This interactive course is designed for those new to Microsoft Project 2010 and lays a foundation of knowledge to become proficient in using Microsoft Project as a planning tool in your organization.

Participants will learn to:

  • Set the correct project parameters
  • Enter project tasks in organized structure
  • Link project tasks appropriately
  • Implement milestones and identify the critical path
  • Become familiar with other views beyond the Gantt Chart
  • Assign and evaluate resources
  • Understand and set the baseline



Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced
7  Hours

This course builds on the concepts learned in MS Project Essentials showing more functionality, tips and tricks, and tools to track actual progress, manage over-allocated resources and generate effective reports.

  • Implement deadlines and constraints when appropriate
  • Intro to task splitting and resource calendars
  • Track progress against the baseline
  • Utilize different views to obtain project data
  • Level over-allocated resources
  • Create and customize reports
  • Develop a master program schedule and resource pool

It is highly recommenced you take the Microsoft Project Essentials course first, or have demonstrated experience with Microsoft Project 2010



For information, contact Tom Bux, at tbux@lccc.edu or 610-799-1961

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